Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Metamorphosis 2012

A few years ago
I felt a nudging from change
so I dug a hole in my back yard
filled it with water
and added
a few gold fish

the tiny goldies grew
to a remarkable size 
they didn't stick around for long
since neighborhood raccoons
love fish too

So I left the pond to Nature
wouldn't you know
almost overnight 
a thousand tadpoles

I love tadpoles like
kids love transformers
like I love 

Tadpoles are like plaster saints to me

of possibilities
that come along
with being human
like jumping with joy
naked vulnerability

A view through the papyrus

Today my frog pond is bursting
with little jumpers
hundreds of baby frogs
venturing forth
into the incredible and
the edible world 

Setting aside
the thought that
some thing or some one
in this world
will eventually
eat you

Amphibians lounging in Papyrus.

The miracle of
glues me here
at the edge of the pond
where the flavors of life
begin anew

We are a far cry
from the Nile Delta
where papyrus
recorded thoughts
yet Change continues
in the decline of paper

So today I salute
another metamorphosis
wherein the electronic age
brings words and pictures
from my pond
to your monitor.



Greg said...

The raccoons, too, appreciate the beauty, and utility, of the 18- centers.

Natasha B said...

Today I was thinking of you, Gerry, and also about the frog pond...Miss you and hope you are well! Natasha x