Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missing Friends and Loved Ones

There is nothing that can prepare you for the death of a loved one.
Even when it has been expected for days, months or years.

As a survivor, you are left with an incredible sense of loss. 
There is nothing more you can do for them.

Days pass and you hear nothing.

What is left of them are the waves of grief
that bring you to a stop
moisten your face
and choke you
with the deep sobbing
brought home by love.

So, you are left with
Waves of Grief,
and the things they left behind.

And so it is with our loss of John and Cheryl.

Somebody said "You are your things."

I tend to take that notion seriously.

Looking at some of the things they left behind
you might grasp the idea
that our friends
are worth the pain
of loving
to the end.



lyn peel said...

Gerry ... you suddenly dsiappeared from fb and I was worried it was because you had been offended by something ... have you offended fb? are you just away on holiday? I'm worried about you mate .. my email address is if you would like to contact me that way

Greg said...

Nah, Gerry just goes in and out of focus, and Facebook is not his Focus now. Maybe because too much time may be wasted there. Because too many people talk there only to themselves.

Greg said...

You seem to have occupied a space of grief coterminous with their things, the way we look at our old dog's slipper after he has slipped the bonds of earth. The infinite regret of that untenanted, unharried fabric.