Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Dragonfly Day

It was drizzling rain yesterday when I went to vacuum our swimming pool. A slight breeze and rain drops created a disaster zone for dragonflies who like to zoom to the water surface, land briefly, drink, and fly away.

I spotted a single dragonfly who had just been submerged, fished him out on the end of a pole, straightened a sopping wet wing, then coaxed him onto my finger. He seemed to like dry finger and he held on.

Since the wings were still wet, I brought the creature into the house to dry off. Blowing gently on the wings, I removed a drowned ant from its attachment to an underwing and fumbled again for the left-handed camera at my waist.

Ninety minutes or so passed and the dragonfly stuck to my finger, making it difficult to continue my pen-and-ink doodlings. We were attached. I didn't have the heart to shake him off my finger.

So, I brought my finger back into the humid air of the front yard. Dragonfly wings fluttered, a good sign, but they went nowhere. Back into the house for further drying. 

Finally, after some gentle coaxing, the dragonfly attached itself to a sturdy, blue-foam, pool-noodle. Fifteen minutes later, the dragonfly lifted off the noodle and flew away. 

~ ~ ~