Monday, January 17, 2011

Composition Two

This multiple-exposure image might have been titled Dancing Potatoes, but it became Composition Two so I could find it again.

Composition Two

These potato exposures were made closer to the subjects than in Composition One, and accomplished primarily by introducing a bit of "pitch and yaw" to the focal axis of the camera lens. The magenta in the potatoes begged for more color saturation. What else could a Zen photographer do but yield to the little beggars?

So, what does this image prove? 
1. Dancing potatoes may induce dizziness or sea sickness, 
2. Dancing potatoes might seem to advertize Dramamine TM, and 
3. Visual tensions between potatoes suggest faux 3-D
4. This, two, was fun and They were delicious after their portraits were made.
5. When I am alone in the kitchen I am easy to amuse and capable of entertaining myself.

~ ~ ~ 


Natasha Bykova said...

Like this potato-image!

Makes me think of:

- yeast cells in red wine
-Annual Honesty (Lunaria annua)

Greg said...

You're a latter-day Van Gogh (if not Saint), brother. His Potato Eaters is rather gloomy and agglutinative. Yours is cheerier! Now, a little red wine with the pitching and yawing!