Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Composition One

I usually grab the little Kodak hanging on my belt whenever I see something that stirs my aesthetic sensitivities. As a student of Zen photography I strive to articulate what attracts my senses through pictures. Most of the time this tendency leads to composition exercises and a closely related series of digital photos.

The subject matter is viewed at numerous points of view. I ask myself questions about the pictorial forms and light. I seek to gather picture elements that strike an emotional chord of recognition when I view the print.

Composition One, below, is a different exercise for me. While cutting onions I decided it might prove interesting to test my range of aesthetic convergence.

Composition One

After making the initial composition and exposure, I walked a great circle arc around the kitchen through the living room and back into the kitchen. I made return trips for compositions and exposures 2, 3, and 4. The full-frame photos were combined in Photoshop Layers and their opacity was adjusted to demonstrate the compositional variance between shots.

What does the image prove? 1. There is a relatively small range of my preferable framings for this composition, 2. Time-motion studies are a breeze while practicing Zen photography, and 3. the visual tensions between framings almost bring this multiple exposure scene into faux 3-D.  And 4. It was fun.

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Nancy's Bar-B-Q said...

I loved this, Gerry. And -- you are a VERY deep fellow!

GERRY ZECK said...

Thank you, Nancy. 8^ )

PumaQ said...

And I am so lucky to be able to eat the delicious food cut with this knife and prepared by this Zen photographer!

PumaQ said...

I am the lucky one to eat food cut with this knife and prepared with love by this Zen photographer

GERRY ZECK said...

You are prejudiced, my dear woman; I accept your every proposal.

Greg said...

Lovely how you brush aside the mere instrumentalities of table and knife! It's the food, food, food that is floating and rejoicing!