Friday, August 13, 2010

Note to Myself

Do not mistake the googling and twitting and electronic droolings on FaceBook for Life. 

This Electronic Mind-Fuck eats Time and impedes communications beneath cloaks of isolation. 

Too many options get in the way of A Life Lived; the tests and the gifts and the gaffes, 

the free association of iconic responses, the floatsam and jetsom of global garbage,

the notion that you are becoming a potato head in the great electronic garden of the world wide web. 

You do not come alive because you have 29 emails waiting for you to read;

You have to take the garbage out. That leaves three items that friends have forwarded.

All of the messages point you to: 

It's time to Re-engage in the fleshy, face-to-face and heart-to-heart talking we have forgotten.

Is there no intelligent life out there? Now electronics seek to tell you who you are.

The world and the imagination have gone mad.

Your body is hungry, your soul is starving and your mind is imprisoned. That's how it works these days --- click, click, cluck.

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