Thursday, March 19, 2009

The August Egg Revolt

I just rediscovered this image in a folder entitled "August Eggs". It's a photoshop manipulation, of course, and it's colorful. Makes me think of Ukranian Easter Eggs. 

But what is it? Where does the image derive from? 

About ten years ago, in the month of August, I was making nautical charts on my computer over 80 hours a week. I had little time to enjoy the luxuries of eMail conversations. Most of my electronic correspondents were male, many of whom insisted in sending me X-rated images (it's a male bonding thing).

I was offended by the imagery, not because it involved naked people, but because most images were aesthetically ugly, pathetically predictable and inspirationally dead. So I decided to fashion a revolt against the ugliness and sexploitation; I decided to manipulate until I was satisfied with the image. Hence, tasteless porn sparked the August Egg Revolt.

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