Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red Bug Slough

There is a little known park in Sarasota where the small exaggerates itself for one and all

thru paths of oak and pine

Loblolly Pine

Loblolly oak

Interesting shapes

Friendly creatures

Red Bug Slough is great for walking dogs and children, but you must not feed the gators.

A lengthy walking way parallels the stream
 friendly to dogs and people.
Watch for gators.

It is against the laws of Florida and Reason to feed the Gators.
Do not feed them.

Scenes of old Florida seen here

Watch the waters and branches for turtles, egrets, blue herons, anhinga or snakebirds, fish and gators

Turtles can be seen in the water and sunning themselves on tree limbs and river banks.

Anhingas dive for fish here and sun dry their wings

Little things worth seeing

And someone to look over it all
blue heron

 ~ ~ ~
There's no place quite like Sarasota!