Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween in Two Parts


The Costume Party: October 27, 2012
On the Saturday evening before Halloween, as Hurricane Sandy was rambling up the east coast of Florida toward New York and New Jersey, Pam and I hosted a Costume Party in Sarasota, Florida.  

Front door scare crow

Party night was windy enough (gusts of 40 - 60 mph) to keep the scare crow's hat tipping into his face. But, otherwise, the east coast hurricane offered few minor problems for us wind-wise 
southwestern Floridians.

Our handsomely attired guests arrived promptly .

Not all guests tendered simple questions.

But soon enough, as often happens in Florida, 
all questions were forgotten and the fun began.

That's when Mr. Everything's Hot Red Pepper
 grabbed a couple of beauties.

Our sober young chaperone seemed amused
 by the buffooneries of average senior citizens.

Some of us ate like we were in Paradise. Others ate not.

God knows how we enjoyed munching the finest of finger foods

 Until certain guests began begging for
 a second scoop of kitty litter cake

with party graces strained
or bombed
bed time came early...
earlier than usual 
here in Florida.

And our guests departed. 
And everybody got home safely.

All Hallows Evening: October 31, 2012
We don't see many young Trick and Treaters celebrating Halloween in this neighborhood of southwestern Florida. We received a scant 9 kids at our front door begging for treats, see all 9 below. 

Our Halloween Party costumery got me thinking about our personal Halloween differences; about how we have seen ourselves through the years, how we chose how to project ourselves into and through this world, and how we might possibly be seen by a world of others

I'd guess you can assess Halloween based on numerous childhood experiences. You may recall the insane delight/disappointment of returning home with pillow cases full/empty of candy. Or maybe your memories come from such thrills as soaping windows or lighting stink bombs on front steps? Or perhaps you think first of that special Halloween costume you chose to wear.

Do you still favor that special appearance? Do you still get more than you give?

But, costume wise and otherwise, just look here at some differences in presentation and decorum 
a few years of accumulated Halloweens can make here in Florida! 

Our precious young neighbors!
~ ~ ~