Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early Morning Light

I like making pictures around my homestead ... because it so familiar.

Years ago my anthropology professors declared There is nothing more difficult to interpret objectively than one's own culture. I believed them and still do.

Making snapshots allows me to discover unacknowledged aspects of the things in my life. Some times the snapshots simply remind me of ways in which I sense the world.

Take an average walk around the side of the house. 
Early morning. The sea grasses lit from behind, 
a white trellis fence in the background.

If you squint.

You can see these things.

You watch the light falling down on your path

Like a blessing as color emerges. 

Along with the path of stones you laid down with your hands.
And your friendly neighbor's side door.
And contentment with the way things
arrange themselves.

~ ~ ~