Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frog Pond Update

Southwest Florida has been in a a state of drought for the past few years, so the drenching overnight rain we received the other day was very welcome. 

This is how the frog pond responded to the rain.

This is what the our pool looks like late on a sunny day.
 Today is overcast and breezy, so I noticed the concentric circle waves alongside the pool this morning. Grabbing the net I walked over to the side of the pool and landed me a creature. Chlorine is not good for such creatures, so ...

I transported him/her to the frog pond. He/she is adjusting to a smaller, but better environment than the swimming pool.

How can anyone not love frogs?

~ ~ ~


Greg said...

You have loved much, and much will be given (and forgiven) unto you. For how many bend to take notice of these creatures? And how many squash them underfoot?

brucer said...

about 4 more and you'll have dinner.

Mike and sometimes Rachel said...

Beautiful, Ger

Jeffrey Willius said...

You're a gentle soul, Gerry. I love the texture of the frog shot -- very painterly!