Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naked Man on the Roof

Thirty years ago, it was deemed a good idea to go atop my three story roof in the middle of Minneapolis and get naked. I was the camera man, a practicing photo artist, and the enthusiastic collaborator on another nude photo shoot. My brother-in-law was the subject.

As I approach my 70th year of life, I am still realizing how valuable that photo safari was. It continues to work for me on a number of different levels. 

This shoot was our artistic statement of manhood. We made a visual record. Proof of Do Power. We were full of energy and enthusiasm. We had been spending our days climbing up and down scaffolding while repairing my Victorian house. Our confidence was great; we could race around the third story roof top.

Reviewing this photo brings me a new sense of humility and appreciation; the fullness of life is exhilerating. There is a sweetness to the recall of strength and daring that we enjoyed.  I can see that my aesthetic vision has remained true through the years; keep it simple, what's the point?

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PumaQ said...

Clean and powerful - sharp lighting and shadows - and wow, how immortal you must have felt to be on such a steep roof three stories above hard ground